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Woman words

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This is a one-hour program of poetry and prose hosted by Pat Millar. Guests are Helena Maria Viramontes, Julia Stein, and Wanda Coleman. The program opens with a ten-minute sound piece by Molly Bosted entitled Abortion Contemplation: A Monologue. Music written by Eric Von Essen, performed by Eric Von Essen and Nels Cline, featuring a song by Bernice Johnson Reagon, performed by Sweet Honey in the Rock. Viramontes reads her short story "The Moths." Julia stein reads poems: Tonight in March--Myself Undivided--Give Me Chocolate--Rosaura Jim鮥z--Two Children Die in Los Angeles Fire--The People Were Waiting--The Vans--Voices from Hiroshima, August 6, 1945--How Soon People--And I Cried Unto the Lord--A Song for the Women. Wanda Coleman reads poems: No Woman's Land--Doctor's Report--In Search of the Mythology of Do Wah Wah--'Tis Morning Makes Mother a Killer--Dolls--They'll Starve You. Produced by Molly Bosted. Engineered by Catherine Stifter. Contains sensitive material. This program may have originally aired as part of 'Til Midnight, hosted by Carasa.



Woman words


Reagon, Bernice Johnson. musician.

Rock, Sweet Honey in the. musician.

Cline, Nels. musician.

Essen, Eric Von. musician.

Stifter, Catherine. engineer.

Coleman, Wanda. author.

Stein, Julia. author.

Viramontes, Helena Maria. author.

Bosted, Molly. producer.

Millar, Pat. host.


Pacifica Radio Archive.

KPFK (Radio station : Los Angeles, Calif.).


Los Angeles :, Pacifica Radio Archives,, 1982.


1 online resource.


Pacifica Radio Archives.

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Sponsored by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission at the National Archives and Records Administration as part of Pacifica's American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 grant preservation project.

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