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Clare Spark's New York diary from December 1973.

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Clare Spark, producer, introduces this episode: " ... the goal I have set for this series, to relate form, ideology and consciousness, in so clear and convincing a fashion, as to move somebody, somewhere, somehow. Since I believe criticism begins at home, in this first program (of 1973), I offer you an expose of my own predilections, this being the year of the intimate memoir. My New York diary, as a table of contents for future Sour Apple Tree's. The sentiments expressed are lifted, out of context, and filtered through fond memory." The program includes the voices of Robert Wilson's grandmother at the first rehearsal of his 12 hour opera "The Life and Times of Joseph Stalin"; Edie Danieli, Los Angeles artist, and her husband Fidel Danieli, critic, teacher and artist; Pat Hills, Whitney Museum, speaking at the first meeting of the Museum Worker's Association of New York City; artist May Stevens; Susan Bertram and Rose Kolmets, workers at the Museum of Modern Art; Douglas Davis, author and art critic for Newsweek; author Brian O'Doherty; artist Larry Miller; Joshua Cohn, Edit DeAk, and Walter Robinson, the editors of Art-Rite magazine; feminist playwright Megan Terry; and Richard Schechner, founder of The Performance Group. She recorded these voices mostly in Manhattan, in art galleries, museums, and offices, between December 2 and 16, 1973. Contains music by Joseph Byrd and Randy Newman. Contains sensitive material. Sound levels fluctuate.



Clare Spark's New York diary from December 1973.


Spark, Clare, producer.


Pacifica Radio Archive.

KPFK (Radio station : Los Angeles, Calif.)


Los Angeles :, Pacifica Radio Archive,, 1974.


The sour apple tree

American women making history and culture


spoken word


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