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The Witch (Episode 2).

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Sybil Leek, journalist, writer and lecturer, and witch, meets the panel consisting of Geraldine Diepeveen, Michele Greenhill, and Tiger Slavik, housewives and apprentice witches. They discuss the ancient, pre-Christian occult religion of witchcraft, which involves acceptance of a power greater than one's self, and the idea of reincarnation. They discuss ceremonies, why the religion doesn't try to recruit more believers, common ground between witches and scientists, Sybil's book "Diary of a witch," governmental use of telepathy, black magic, learning through an oral tradition and apprenticeship under a guru, meditation, psychic healing and her battles with the American Medical Association, the etymology of "knocking on wood," unconscious memory, LSD, reincarnation, ghosts, astrology, growing acceptance of witchcraft, the use of religion in life, and more. The panel presses Sybil with questions, but there is also a lot of communion and laughter. At the end of the program, the host asks each panelist for their assessment of their guest. Produced and moderated by Harry Pollard.



The Witch (Episode 2).


Slavik, Tiger, speaker.

Greenhill, Michele, speaker.

Diepeveen, Geraldine, speaker.

Leek, Sybil, speaker.

Pollard, Harry, producer.


Pacifica Radio Archive.

KPFK (Radio station : Los Angeles, Calif.)


Los Angeles :, Pacifica Radio Archives,, 1968.


Assessment / Harry Pollard

American women making history and culture


spoken word


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